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What is Coin Spur?

Coin Spur is a platform connecting small businesses with budding bloggers who can help businesses in some way shape or form.

CoinSpur.com includes the following:

  • Spurosphere - A directory of blogs where Businesses can search easily the type of Blogs they want to engage with.
  • Spurformers - A directory of Bloggers (we call them Spurformers) who can spur small business moving forward
  • Spurs - A place where all services offered by Spurformers are listed to make it easy for small businesses to make engagement decisions.

What does a Spur mean?

In CoinSpur.com, a Spur is a service offered by a Blogger to promote a product/service or in general, help a small business. Well, if you are about to google on what the word actually means, below is what we see when we google for the meaning of Spur.

What can Businesses do at Coin Spur?

Businesses can search for Blogger Profiles, check out their Blogs and check out their services offered and then Engage with them to spur your brand.

What can Bloggers do at Coin Spur?

Coin Spur is a platform where bloggers can list their blogs and list their services ("Spurs") starting from $10, with Add Ons unto $600 (all prices are in USD).

  • Currently during Beta stage, when Buyers click ENGAGE button, they will be able to send an email directly to the Blogger. There won't be any transaction charges during Beta.
  • Post Beta stage, Buyers and Bloggers will be able to carry out Engagement Discussions within the platform, and Coin Spur will charge $2 for every $10 transacted. We are currently building the Engagement platform... we will keep you posted.

Soon to come

  • A directory of Small Businesses
  • A marketplace where businesses can create listings for their products, services and digital goods - which won't be sold through our website, but instead the traffic will be diverted to their OWN websites when a listing is clicked.
  • More functionalities

Who is behind Coin Spur?

We are Shaf and Zahra, parents to two lovely kids (a 3 year old and 1 year old), living in Melbourne, Australia, founders of Coin Spur. We can be reached at ShafnZahra@CoinSpur.com.

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